retrofit Waldrich roll grinding machine
August 24, 2020
reference project Jansch

project description

The control-unit, the operator panel and all wirings of the plant were completly renewed. The power units, aggregates, sensors and actors were not changed.

In the shipment, the electrical cabinet with a new SIEMENS Simatic S7 was included. The electrotechnical plans and circuit diagrams were completly renewed.

We exchanged the old operator panel with a new SIEMENS OP with a connection to the delivery ticket printer.


scope of work

complete new professional wiring of the site.
2electric control cabinet
delivery of a ready-to-go electrical control cabinet including the mounting, wiring, and commissioning of all components
3exchange control unit
the site was equipped with a new SIEMENS Simatic S7 control. The programming, of course, was also done by SBA Engineering.
4operator panel modernization
a brand new SIEMENS operator panel was mounted, and also an extentional control-section was included.
5circuit diagram
all circuit diagrams including the bill of materials was completly new drawn in WSCAD.
6project documentation
the complete project documentation was handed over to the customer in paper and digital.