retrofit Waldrich roll grinding machine

reference project Jansch
April 20, 2018
De-Watering Gotthartbasistunnel CENERI Switzerland
August 24, 2020

project description


Our customer wanted us to find a big used roll grinding machine. Related to our good contacts, we were able to fulfill the wish. The location of the machine was Vancouver Island so far. We recommended to buy the machine which was delivered to Gutenstein afterwards.

Accordingly, the machine was developed for the american market with three-phase current of 60Hz/480V and not for the european 50Hz/380V-current network. The securtiy regulation did not satify the european standards.

All motors and power units were renewed by SBA Engineering. A required measurement and grooving device were added. The complete hydraulic (vents, lines, pumps) was changed and the basic mechanic where overhauled

A 24"-touchpanel for the operator came in action with our GNCpro-software to control all grinding processes.


assignment of tasks

1machine acquisition
the customer bought the machne after our expertise and recommendation and transported to Gutenstein in our production hall. The location was north america so far.
The first step was, to develop a retrofit-concept. In this phase, we listed all faults and our estimation of needed effort, to bring the machine to the needed requirements.
The hydraulicaggregate was unserviceable. All lines wer brittle and fragile or even not tight. the hydraulicaggregat was replaced by a new one.

4power unit
the powerunits and motors were construed for the north-american power network of 60Hertz and 480Volt. Accordingly all units, including the electric must be exchanged.
the machine was in an outdated condition. All parts where painted in corresponding RAL-color as the customers requirements.
6meassurement unit
the old meassurement unit war not designed for concentricity meassurement, and the operation was manual only. Our customer emphasized to produce highly precize results, so for us, it was clear to design a new messurement device, which was produce in our CAD-department.
7elektric und cabinets
the electric of the machine was completly renewed. The cabinets also must be changed, caused by the new power units.
8transport to germany
After the general overhaul, the machine was disassabled into the main parts, packed, and prepared for the haevy load to our customer to germany.
At the new location, the machinge bed and the head stock was placed on the new concrete fundament and the anchor screws casted with concrete. Afterwards the sprint elements was placed by lifting the 520 tons concrete machine block via hydraulic stanchion.
the machine bed was finished with a KEYENCE laser meassurement system precisly.
Afterwards, the grinding support with meassurement device, as well the lunette and tailstock was mounted. Concluding the telescope coating finished the work.
10cabling, wiring
after all machanical mounting, the cable track was mounted and wired with the cabinets.
11software + control unit
by our operation engineers, the fine adjustment and all precise settings were done and the new operater 24"touch-panel with the GNCpro (based on Win10) came into action. The test phase began and the grinding training started.
11initial operation