for paper- and metal industry
Roll grinding is a high-precision technology that requires years of experience - and a reliable partner that has this technology under control.

Roman Brandl managing director SBA engineering GmbH


Expirience and know-how

SBA Engineering GmbH belongs to very deep and many times used know-how when it comes to the topic of roll grinding. We take care of almost all belongs, if we talk about long-life cycle and efficiency of your tool machines.


To accomblish a complete electrical and mechanical retrofit to the state-o-the-art, for us is routined work according to our internal standardized process. The retrofitting contains all drive units, modernize the control with SIEMENS Sinumerik and Simatic components, and brings our virtualization software GNCproin action, which offers highly pricise and for the operator very easy to use grinding-process control.

A machine retrofitting can simply concern only the change of the control unit (change to SIEMENS components) - which means, that alls drive units can be further used. This is a very mild cost solution to accomblish the use of efficiant grinding functionality and high operator-comfort to control the process.

industry 4.0

retrofitting is the base to make your machinery "industry 4.0" fit. The connection to the mindsphere-datacloud is on our roadmap.

keynotes roll grinding

  • change of control unit independent of machine manufacturer
  • very easy GUI for the operator developed by SBA Engineering
  • state-of-the-art retrofitting of all kind of grinding machines
  • machine relocation
  • machine bed messurement via laser
  • grinding training

GNCpro virtualization


GNCpro is a high-level language application, developed by SBA Engineering GmbH for control grinding process in paper- and stell industry in conjunction with SINUMERIK 840D sl. GNCpeo uses the application interface MyHMI 3GL(OpenArchitecture) for SINUMERIK and operates on PCU50.x and is ready.
GNCpro is a intiutive, flexible, user friendly user interface and operates with multi touch sreens (SINUMERIK Bedientafelfront OP 019 Black). Each step of the roll grinding process can easy modified by the operator. Also once before used roll profile can easiliy reloaded and modified for reuse.

clear arrangement

Because of the fact, that every step of the grinding process is stored in the database, each step can be loaded again. That leads to a very high productivity with GNCpro. All data saving operations does not interfere the working process - but could be analyzed for process optimization afterwards.
GNCpro can also integrate all measurement systems of all vendors.

keynotes GNCpro4.0 visualisation

  • complete visualization developed in-house
  • intuitive and user-friendly
  • re-use of stored grinding process steps
  • ready
  • open architecture (interfaces / APIs)
  • control of all roll grinding machines of all manufactures
  • all type and vendors of measurement systems
  • touch screen ready
Screenshot GNCpro