...healthy to the core, but exhaust -
the art to create from old to new
Problem (greek: πρόβλημα) - that, what was submitted to solve
Competence (lat.: competentia) - the set of skills that enable the efficiency of a job
Troubleshooting - a competence to solve problems by the invest of inteligence acting and thinking process
Trust (greek: „πίστις“) - through experience affirmed hope to rely on the actions of another person
Speed - belongs to the fundamental motoring basic property

Secure Investments

investments in industry machines are calculated to many years. With a attractive price retrofit, the day your machine must be scrapped can be shiffted far into the future. The team of SBA Engineering GesmbH Gutenstein understands its craft - we have the competence to reface and modernize your machinery for the next decades.

Retrofit Coverage

We developed an excellent reputation over the last decades. A retrofit of a machine needs a bundle of competences:
  • retrofit of tooling- grinding- turning- and special purpose machines
  • worldwide transport and logistic
  • machine monage / demontage
  • constructive extentions
  • mechanical renewal
  • electro planning + electrotechnical renewal
  • change of machine control to SIEMENS Sinumerik
  • converting SIEMENS S5 to S7
  • modernize virtualization concept (user interface)
  • clear documentation and project management

...Please take notice of the latest retrofit-project Waldrich Schleifmaschine