De-Watering Gotthartbasistunnel CENERI Switzerland

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August 24, 2020
high-bay racking system Spain / Barcelona
October 22, 2020

Project Description

For the implementation of the last tunnel segment of the Gotthart tunnel in switzerland, the CENERI tunnel, the subsection of the dewatering of the tunnel was assigend to the SIEMENS Mobility Switzerland.

We developed the "head server" on two locations (east and west portal of the tunnel) of the tunnel dewatering subsection, in a highly complex SCADA-Environment with highest sercurity standards. the main tasks were
  • creating the internal database with all datapoints accordingly the S7-project file
  • observing all S7-400 redundant connection states
  • oberserving all drivers and controls of the system
  • creating the virtualisation corresponding the HMI styleguides and GUI-workshops
  • embedding the redundant "head server" into the tunnel main system via OPC UA
  • attending all official test phases through ATG (SBB subsidiary)

  • closer project details, please refer


    Main Tasks

    1analyse of the system specification
    the dewatering project was embedded in a development framework of SIEMENS Mobility CH. But at the beginning of the project, no details or specifications about the GUI and the behave, was not defined. This was the first step which was developed together with the customer (HMI workshops, test spec, requirement spec).
    2connect the redundant S7-400 on 3 locations
    On three locations each are equipped with a redundant S7-400 SPS. The S7-project was imported into the WinCC OA project and all datapoint instances generated correspondent the opject specification (alerthandling, units, boundary values and many more)
    3hot standby concept head server
    WinCC OA supporting the hot-standby concept. In case of a break down of a servercomponent, the redundant passive partner server gets active immediatly.

    This behaviour must be configured in complex environment of course (failure weight, driver configs, control-programming and many more)

    4embedding into the tunnel central management system
    on the head server, each single alert message must be indicated on the alarm screen. But not to flood the central tunnel management system, all alerts must be collected together to sum-alerts, which are transfered via OPC UA to the upper management system.
    5ebedding of cross-connections
    the dewatering-system is not a self-contained system. The requirement was, to ensure the cooling of diverse railway-buildings with cool water. Appropriate interfaces to other systems are necessary - the so called "Cross Connection" - to transmit information about water temperatur, water volume, or any lekages of the line.
    6creating the visio according styleguide
    For the complete Gotthard-tunnel-project, a styleguide exists, which defines styles and behaviour of shapes, objects, dialogs and so on. Together with the customer, the visualization developed together. The change of the language "german" and "italian" was implemented.