automation / robotic / mechatronic


As engineering partner of we grow with every single requirement from industry and plant engineering. Thats the reason we are on the pulse of time! As example serves the change in the automotive industry, which asks for experienced engineering partner who precicly implement the demand. We got the order to support the protype project for electric power drives of the most well knowen automotive companies (see our reference site).

Also the requirement on precision in machine- and plant engineering getting higher - profitable project implementations are only achiveable through a maximum on competence and experience. A space for try-and-error is impossible anymore!

safety integrated

the optimal security for human and machine in plant engineering, only safety integrated components come into action. All-over security concepts with appropriate sercurity certificates and security approval are standard!

optimization and effiency

no matter if a machine needs a overhaul retrofit or a work process need improvement - in conjunction with plant engineering always optimazation is the topic!

our first step in complex environment is taking the inventory - the expertise - the fundament of solid solution concepts.

Not until, all our competences came into action like a precise clockwork into one another - planning, logistic, construction, design, mouting, control programming, visualization concepts, implementation, and approval. At the end, the implementaion according you expectations counts.


roboter are the very elemantare component in industriell pricess. But the requirements on the control of roboter are increasing constantly: robotic in combination with 3D-laser-messurement, in combination with camera systems or with intelligent interfaces to other environments. complexity wich challanges us - but let us grow!