SBA Engineering GmbH Gutenstein

reliable partner for control of roll grinding machine, retrofit of machine tools, electro planning, electro cabinets and industry automation with year of expirence.





SBA Engineering GmbH, headoffice in Gutenstein/Austria, consists of a team of specialists with many years of expirience in development, sale, production and servicing of machine tool and roll grinding machines. Because of a well working and over years built network of customers and vendors, we can realize even complex projects.


a very significant value takes the cooperative handling in conjunction with our customers.


Investments in industriell production machines needs a partner with handshake quality at eye level. Our expirienced employees generates innovative and best solutions with you.


SBA Engineering GmbH is focused on long term relationships. short term earning orientation is not based on solid fundament! This implicates a fair interaction with our partner and guaranties a win-win-situation for both for many years.


even standardized proccess management and high internal quality management, we keep the company overhead willful low. You realize this fact not only on fair pricing, but also on easy handling with us.